New Electric Lemon Lime Colors!

The staff of CWJ has realeased two new colors. Electric Lemon & Electric Lime are yellow and green chartreuse aErie Jigsnd have a deep glitter that is actually a combination of green and gold glitter. If you are looking for a new color for this spring check out these new electric jigs. Click the picture above for a closer look. You can order this color on any of our jig styles. The new colors will be listed along with our other colors.

Trouble staying on your hot spot during a walleye chop?

If you have ever walleye fished you know that staying anchored on the perfect spot can be crucial and difficult to do. Well we have found a solution. The owners of Anchor Shock developed a great way to stay anchored. Check them out at

variety pack
Do you want to order some jigs for someone else and not sure what style, size, or color they would like? Well, these new variety packs are the perfect solution. Each variety pack comes with a random selection of 100 jigs in a variety of "fish catching" colors. It also inlcudes a convenient plastic tackle box.

Jason & Nick (Lac Des Mille Lacs, CN -- June 2008)

Walleye Fishing Articles:

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Fishing Video Segments

Here are a couple video segments from " Maximum Limit Fishing" a TV Show from Canada that we sponsor.

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We pour our own lead jigs, hand paint them and then bake them to ensure a durable high gloss finish. If you want to catch some awesome walleyes buy your own custom walleye jigs today.

Blood Shot Jigs!

Our Blood Shot Jigs were featured in the FLW MagazineBlood Shot Jig
(click to view article). They are traditional roundhead jigs in yellow and white, with a splatter of red. They are available in a wide selction of sizes and are also available with red hooks or Matzuo sickle hooks.



Shortie Jigs!Short Shank Jigs

Ideal for pitching live bait to shorelines and flooded timber, the shorter shank of these jigs makes them slide easily into the mouths of light-biting walleye and places the proper angle for hook penetration when you're making a horizontal presentation. Check out the new Shortie Jigs!

*If you choose not to pay with a credit card, you can print out a mail order form and pay with check or money order.

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery depending on the time of year and number of orders that we are receiving. All of our jigs are custom made once they are ordered.

*All orders come with standard hooks unless they are purchased through the "Premium Hooks" section of the webpage in which case they will be made with either red or sickle hooks.

*All international orders will not be charged shipping initially but instead will be billed for shipping and handling once it has been determined.

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